Normal (including Sensitive) Skin

Normal (including Sensitive) Skin

Choose gentle, natural skincare formulated to keep normal and sensitive skin soft, nourished and protected.

Softening Rose Cream Cleanser

A beautiful light and luxurious cleansing cream to effectively remove impurities and nourish your skin. A perfect natural cleanser for sensitive skin.

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Smoothing Exfoliating Cream

A gentle nourishing exfoliating cream to bring radiance and softness to your normal or sensitive skin. A perfect natural exfoliator for sensitive skin.

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rejuvenating facial toning mist

A fresh light facial mist to tone and hydrate your skin after cleansing and throughout the day. A perfect natural toner for sensitive skin.

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Nourishing Rose Face Cream

A beautiful face cream to nourish and protect your skin, providing hydration throughout the day. An ideal natural face cream for sensitive skin.

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key ingredient

Rose Extract

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Normal (Including Sensitive) Sample Set

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Sensitive Skin

‘Sensitive skin’ is one of the phrases that you hear all the time in the skincare world – right along with ‘oily’, ‘combination’, ‘dry’, ‘ageing’ and more.  You might even think you have it, but what exactly is sensitive skin?...

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Customer Reviews:


This cream is just beautiful. I have quite a reactive skin at times and I have had no problem with this. The texture, smell and moisture level is just right. Perfect! Thank you x



A lovely creamy and gentle cleanser with the most wonderful light Rose fragrance! Cleanses well and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I have sensitive skin and this Rose Cleanser has not caused any problems at all!

4 products

4 products