Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet

Heal hardworking hands and feet with natural nutrient-rich creams and balms that will leave hands and feet soft and smooth.

Almond & Calendula Hand Cream

A super hydrating and easily absorbed natural hand cream to help soften and heal dry or cracked skin.

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Rejuvenating Foot Balm

A rich creamy natural foot balm to help soften and heal dry cracked feet and heels and rejuvenate tired feet.

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Key ingredient

Calendula Oil & Extract

Customer Reviews


This is a great little product. It's very rich, it moisturises super well and yet absorbs easily. Beware though if you don't like the scent of lavender; this product has a strong lavender scent! I love lavender personally, so no issue here. I like to put this hand cream on at night, because of its soothing scent.



Loving on this foot balm! Saw results on my cracked heals within a week of using, would just apply every night before hopping into bed. Scent is beautiful too, fresh and relaxing. A real treat for someone who is on their feet all day! Have already gifted this foot balm to 3 friends and they love it too!

3 products

3 products