Grow - Harvest - Infuse - Produce

Every Herb Farm product is made with fresh herbal extracts or sun-infused oil from our gardens. Our process ensures all the goodness and actives from each herb are captured and maximised.  


Our garden philosophy is all about harmony and co-creation with nature. The herbs that grow on site at The Herb Farm flourish in the environment they choose – not in rows like a farm, but wildly and without constraint. We don’t interfere with our herbs’ growing process; we never use sprays or chemicals or even have a watering system. Instead, our herbs do what they are naturally programmed to do – thrive in their own way, taking what they need from the earth and nothing more.

And this enables them to become their most potent and powerful forms. What’s more, our garden is here for you to visit anytime you’re in the area – come and experience the magic of The Herb Farm Garden and see the herbs in their most natural form.  


There are many factors that tell us when the right time is to harvest our herbs, such as the weather conditions, season, time of day, and of course, when the plant itself is mature enough. And so, each herb is harvested at its right time, when it is most active and vibrant.

And because we produce our products on site where our garden grows, we have the luxury of capturing the most vital essence of our herbs, while they are still so unbelievably fresh, to avoid any deterioration or loss of actives. And this is what makes our products so beautifully potent and effective. 


While our freshly harvested herbs are still brimming with the very best of nature, we immediately infuse them into an alcohol solution before they dry out, to prevent any loss of volatile actives. And then we wait. We leave our infusions to extract for the right length of time, which differs from herb to herb. And because you can’t rush nature, we are patient. Because we know that our patience means all the goodness of our glorious herbs will soon be ready to be turned into the products you love. 


Soon enough, it’s time to create our products, with love, energy, and care. We strain and check every infused batch to make sure it’s of the highest possible quality, and then it’s ready to be turned into the 100% natural products we make at our on-site production facility. And every batch we make is sealed with a positive intention to help nourish and support you - the people who use the products.