What is my Skin Type?

What is my Skin Type?

What is my skin type?

There are 5 main skin types – normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. While some are related and there can be some cross over, others are completely different and require a wholly different skincare regime.

Aside from these 5 types there is also a separate category of ageing skin. Whether you start out with dry, normal or oily skin your skin will still eventually feel the effects of ageing. These effects, such as fine lines and wrinkles, may be more prevalent in certain skin types but will eventually happen to us all.

Can I change my skin type?

Your skin type is usually due to genetic predisposition, but there are habits that can exacerbate a skin condition. Pinpointing your skin type and understanding the ways to properly treat it can help you achieve clear, healthy-looking skin for a lifetime. Each skin type has a specific set of characteristics and symptoms that can be treated through targeted and specified skincare products. Read on to find out about the skin care ranges from The Herb Farm and how they can help you.

Oily & Combination Skin

Those with oily skin tend to notice a shine on their face, often only an hour or two after cleansing, and they usually appear quite oily by the middle of the day. The oilier areas of the face may have blackheads, white bumps, or acne and pores are visibly enlarged. This oiliness can become further exaggerated with monthly hormone fluctuations. When the body experiences a fluctuation in hormone levels, it signals the production of androgens, a male hormone present in both men and women. The production of androgens stimulates an increase in sebum production, and when an excess of this oil is produced, it can expand the size of the skin’s pores and result in blockages that become pimples and other acne blemishes.

 A mistake often made by those with oily skin is to look for products which are ‘oil free’. These can in fact dry your skin by stripping or unbalancing the natural oils which the skin then overcompensates for by producing more oil.

Combination skin features two or more different skin types on the face, and typically presents with normal or slightly dry skin on portions of the face, with excessive oil on others, commonly the nose, chin and forehead. Many mistakenly believe they have oily skin when they, in fact, have combination skin type. Combination skin is the most common skin type, but it can be hard to identify and treat. Unless an individual’s skin is oily all over, there are likely portions of skin that are dry or normal, which would qualify under combination skin.

The Herb Farm’s Oily & Combination Skincare range is designed specifically to balance and even your skin. It contains Thyme, a herb which has great healing properties, to minimise and treat any blemishes. While the Jojoba Oil in the moisturiser helps to regulate the skins natural production of sebum.

Food & Beverages for Oily & Combination Skin
  • Drink lots of water and fill your diet with a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, good fats (Avocado, Flax Oil, Coconut Oil) and lean protein.

  • Avoid dairy, processed and refined foods, sugar, excess salt and alcohol.

Normal (including Sensitive) Skin

When it comes to describing a normal skin type, the individual wouldn’t describe their skin as having any significant oiliness or dryness. Normal skin doesn’t normally have a great excess of shine, and it also doesn’t tend to be tight or flaky. Pore size is on the small side and they are not easily visible.

Sensitive skin types may exhibit the characteristics of the other 4 types of skin, but they can also deal with a great amount of redness and irritation. Sensitive skin is reactive and can easily become inflamed when exposed to certain allergens or substances. This makes natural skincare all the more important. Using synthetic chemical filled products on sensitive skin can have severe consequences. The artificial preservatives common in many cosmetic and skincare products are a leading cause of allergic contact dermatitis.

The Herb Farm’s Normal (including sensitive) Skincare range is designed to soften and protect your skin. The absolute Rose Essential Oil which features throughout the range is very gentle and calming while also being nourishing.

Food & Beverages for Normal & Sensitive Skin
  • Water is very important to maintaining healthy skin – 2 litres a day of quality water is the goal! A diet full of green leafy vegetables, fruit, whole foods and good fats will keep your skin in top condition.

  • For sensitive skin in particular try to reduce inflammatory causing foods such as dairy, highly refined carbohydrates, gluten, sugar and caffeine.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin may feel a tightness to their skin. Dry skin is often dull and rough with possible scaly patches or flaking. Those with dry skin generally have almost invisible pores, more prominent lines and may suffer from regular irritation to the skin.  Many assume that dry skin is due to a lack of moisture, but the water content of dry skin is generally found in similar levels to that of oily skin. Adding water to dry skin is actually counterproductive to treating this skin condition.For dry skin you need products which are going to deeply hydrate and replenish your skin to bring back moisture and radiance.

The Herb Farm’s Dry Skincare range is designed to hydrate and restore your skin. The range contains Rosehip which is rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 helping to renew and repair. Vitamins A & C also help to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin to improve both tone and texture.

Exfoliating is particularly important as it helps to buff away the dry, flaky skin allowing for better absorption of the skincare products you use afterwards, including serum, moisturisers and oils, making them more effective. The addition of a face oil is very beneficial in this range, either used at night or by adding a few drops to your face cream for an extra boost.

Lifestyle Changes

Try to avoid taking long, overly hot showers. Hot water can actually strip the oil from your skin and spending prolonged periods of time under the water can dry it out even further. Save water and your skin by limiting yourself to 5-minute showers that use lukewarm to warm water.

Food & Beverages for Dry Skin
  • Essential Fatty Acids and Omegas are key for dry skin, increase your intake of fats such as Avocado, Flax Oil, Salmon and Coconut Oil. Ensure your water intake is 2 litres a day.

  • Avoid any beverages or foods which can dehydrate your body such as alcohol and caffeine.

Ageing Skin

Skin that is showing signs of ageing may have fine lines and wrinkles, a loss of elasticity, age and sun spots and a lack of radiance. Pores tend to be enlarged and the skins surface may have poor texture.

The Herb Farm’s Signs of Ageing Skincare range contains products which are high in the essential nutrients and antioxidants your skin needs and these help support collagen production. As well as the 4 core products included in every skin type range – cleanser, exfoliator, toning mist and moisturiser – the Signs of Aging range also includes a nourishing facial oil and an easily absorbed aqueous based serum that provides fast, noticeable results. These additional products were added to the range to specifically help target loss of elasticity, poor skin texture and fine lines.

Food & Beverages for Signs of Ageing
  • Foods and Beverages rich in Antioxidants help to boost your skins youthfulness. Berries, tomatoes, good quality fish, avocado, nuts, flax oil, leafy greens and green tea are included in this list.

  • Avoiding highly refined food, excessive alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt all contribute to skin health throughout the years.

Remember that in addition to these tips, good quality sleep, exercise and relaxation are essential for feeling and looking healthy and confident.

Embrace the skin you are in and bring out its best with natural skincare.

Take our new Skincare Consultation (a quick online quiz) to find out your skin type and for product suggestions that suit your skin as well as your lifestyle.

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