The Skin-Gut Health Connection

The Skin-Gut Health Connection

We are excited to have teamed up with BePure for this blog! They have shared their knowledge and experience with us around the skin-gut health connection, so we can pass it on to you! 

BePure has over 15 years experience, their range of health supplements are high-strength, high-quality formulations, grounded in science and research. In a nutshell, they’re designed to work with everything you need and none of the nasties you don’t.

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The Skin-Gut Health Connection

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is often referred to as the ‘canary in the coalmine’ for the state of our inner health, with our skin tending to be the first to show signs that something may not be right internally.

To enjoy glowing, healthy skin, we first need to look below the surface and take care of what’s inside.

If we focus solely on the appearance of our skin, and not on its whole health - which determines its natural appearance - we are dealing with signs of inflammation (red, itchy, hot - think acne, rosacea, eczema), ageing, dullness, and dryness. However, this doesn’t always get to the cause of why you’re experiencing the above in the first place. 

Working from the outside in using the right skincare is important for the appearance and health of skin, but when we combine this with working from the inside out we can see even more long-lasting benefits to our body’s biggest organ. 

You may or may not be familiar with the all-encompassing role our gut health plays in whole body health, so let’s dig deeper into how it supports good skin. When we have imbalances in our microbiome and a weakening of our gut barrier, we are more likely to experience skin inflammation.


This can happen for a couple reasons:

1. Our gut microbiome is an ecosystem - if our ratio of good and bad bacteria is out of balance, with more bad than good bacteria, our gut can’t function optimally. Many jobs of the microbiome involve nutrient absorption, regulating hormones, and processing toxins, so you can see how if it’s not running optimally, things can run a bit amuck, showing up externally in our skin.
2. Our gut lining needs to be strong to function well - when our gut barrier is weakened, this is what we call leaky gut. Leaky gut permits food particles and other substances from the inside of the gut (where it belongs) to move out of the gut into the tissues that surround our gut organs (where it doesn’t belong). When this happens, our immune system kicks into gear identifying these substances as invaders to attack, which then leads to more inflammation in our gut and skin.

Now that we’ve touched on the role the gut has on our skin, what can we do about it? Here are some of BePure’s top tips to nurture good gut health for an outer glow:

  • Balance your microbiome: Add in gut loving, probiotic rich foods into your diet. This includes yoghurts, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, etc. We know fermented foods aren’t everyone's cup of tea, so supplement with a probiotic, such as BePure Two Probiotic to make sure you’re getting enough good bacteria in to balance out the baddies.
  • Drink water: Water flushes toxins out of our body which is great to remove waste, and it also helps our bodies to absorb nutrients, and moisturise the skin…all great things for our gut and skin health. To work out how much water we need to drink daily, use this formula. Your body weight in kg x 0.033 = how many litres you should be drinking every day.
  • Strengthen your gut with collagen: The connective tissue in your gut lining is made almost entirely of collagen. You can find a hefty dose of collagen in bone broths, or, add in a scoop of BePure Collagen+ into your breakfast or smoothie in the mornings. BePure Collagen+ was also designed specifically for skin health and contains added ingredients including Vit C, Zinc and keratin (to name a few), which are all beneficial for our outer glow - a win-win for your gut and skin health! 


Making changes to nurturing our internal health doesn’t need to be done all at once of course, and don’t feel pressure to do so! Making small changes over time, like drinking more water, or just being mindful and tuning into what our bodies are telling us is a great approach.

Remember, all the little things we do add up. In combination with the beautiful ritual of natural skincare, nurturing our internal health can show some incredible benefits to our overall skin health.


For those interested in more products and services from BePure, visit their website today.

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