Recipe: The Smoothie to Nourish You Inside & Out!

Recipe: The Smoothie to Nourish You Inside & Out!

Hydrate and replenish your skin from within... With our delicious Tropical Green Smoothie!

Feel refreshed inside and out this summer with our nutrient-rich smoothie recipe! Feel nourished with key ingredients such as Pineapple which is full of antioxidants to help prevent inflammation and our very own Soothe & Repair Flax Seed Oil. Perfect to soothe and nurture your skin, our Soothe & Repair Flax Seed Oil contains a blend of pure, fresh and cold-pressed brown and golden flax seed oils enriched with blackcurrant, pumpkin, coconut and evening primrose seed oil. This blend is incredibly rich in Omega 3 and essential fatty acids to provide optimal nutrition for you and your skin, and it makes a great addition to this smoothie.

Enjoy this delicious smoothie while also hydrating and restoring your skin for summer! An easy way to help protect your skin barrier function over the warmer months from the inside out and to promote healthy, radiant skin.


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 ¾ cup frozen pineapple

1 cup baby spinach

½ tsp lime juice

¾ tsp ginger

1 cup coconut milk

1 tsp Herb Farm Flaxseed oil


Place all ingredients into a blender and blitz into a delicious refreshing smoothie.

Serve cold and enjoy a boost of hydration and skin nourishing goodness!

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