Make Yours a Conscious, Connected Christmas

Make Yours a Conscious, Connected Christmas

The Christmas Season: a time of rushing around getting things done, stressing over Christmas gifts and lots of sighs of “how is it that time already?” While we can get a bit caught up in the busyness of the season it’s important to remember what this time of the year really means to you. We love Christmas for the time we spend with our friends and loved ones, for the opportunity to show gratitude and for all the amazing food and drink!


As December is such a consumer-centric time of the year, we can also become distracted from the values we hold tightly to during the rest of the year such as making sustainable and considered decisions. If you find yourself struggling to focus on what you value during the festive season, read on for our tips to make your Christmas a conscious, connected Christmas.

A Conscious Christmas:

With gifts for this, that and the other person, enviable Christmas décor and enough food to sink a ship required, it can be difficult to not just take the quick and easy route. However, there are a number of excellent ways to make your Christmas more sustainable.

Here are our Herb Farm top tips:

Consider shopping second-hand for gifts, upcycling something or crafting your own gifts by hand.
If you aren’t keen on DIY-ing your gifts, purchasing them from conscious brands and stores is the next best thing! Support brands that are sustainable and give back to the community rather than large discount stores that are driven by volume rather than quality and will often end up in the landfill within a few years anyway.
Another way to make your Christmas more conscious is to spend some time thinking about what your “giftee” will really value, enjoy or use for a long time, rather than something new and trendy.
Let joy (yours and the ones you love) drive your Christmas shopping decisions rather than coveting the envy of your neighbours and social media followers.

    A Connected Christmas:

    We think connection is key to making Christmas special and meaningful. Connect with others by spending quality time with your loved ones this season and make some special Christmas memories. Connecting with yourself is also very important in the lead up to Christmas. Don’t let your wellbeing drop to the bottom of your priority list; be mindful of where you’re spending your energy and put time aside to support your health and mood.

    Make use of some any time off by spending some outside, connecting with nature. Spending time outdoors has been scientifically linked to improved mental health, mood, and vitality. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all and feel refreshed and cleansed by nature.

    Top tips for a connected Christmas:

    - Spend an afternoon with a friend or family member handcrafting your Christmas decorations, trying new Christmas recipes, or helping with their gift wrapping.
    - Reach out to a friend you haven’t caught up with over the year with a Christmas card or heartfelt message.
    - Gift someone an experience that you can share together and help you stay connected throughout the year.
    - Set time aside to self-care and decompress after a busy day with a nourishing skincare routine.
    - Fill your cup by surrounding yourself with people, things and experiences that bring you joy.
    - Absorb some Vitamin D with a family trip to the beach.
    - Set a day aside for a peaceful bushwalk to clear your mind of any worries  and instead, gain a deeper appreciation of nature.
    - Spend a morning in your garden and get lost in the process of weeding, potting, or pruning. 

    Remember that Christmas is a time to connect with the people you love and spend time doing things that add value to your life and bring you and your family joy. So, make your Christmas a Conscious, Connected Christmas.

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