6 Steps to Refresh Your Skin this Winter

6 Steps to Refresh Your Skin this Winter

The seasonal highs of winter – getting cosy with a book by the fire, walks in the fresh crisp air and recreational snow sports – are enjoyed by Kiwis all over the country, they can however result in some not so pleasant side effects when it comes to your skin. The colder climate combined with drying indoor heat can often result in your skin feeling tight, itchy and dehydrated. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can implement into your skincare routine to avoid these entirely.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Exfoliating may seem like an unnecessary step, but no matter how many creams, serums and oils are applied, dry skin will continue to look dry and flaky without exfoliation. Dry, dead skin cells accumulate, creating a layer which prevents topical products from soaking in. By gently buffing this build up away, you allow your products to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, making them so much more effective. The Herb Farm offers four different exfoliating creams that are specifically designed to benefit the different skin types, Oily & Combination, Normal (including sensitive), Dry and Signs of Ageing.


Exfoliating Creams



Try using a serum! Serums deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients in small molecules that are more easily absorbed deep into the skin. Our Radiance Boost Facial Serum is perfect during winter as it’s a light, easily absorbed aqueous-based serum packed full of nature’s super skin foods. It contains Elderberry Extract that is high in bioflavonoids that defend your skin against seasonal changes and NZ Seaweed Extract which helps to improve your skin’s elasticity and regeneration.


Give your skin a hydration boost! We all know moisturising is key in any skincare routine, but you may find the moisturiser you use for the rest of the year isn’t quite meeting your needs during the depth of winter. You can give it a boost by adding a couple of drops of your favourite Face Oil before you apply it.


Get your beauty sleep! On cool winter nights the air temperature drops, while the temperature of your skin increases. This means that your hydration loss is at an all-time high while you sleep. Our Hydrating Overnight Face Mask helps to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling nourished. Peony Extract, Evening Primrose Oil and Borealine® Expert work together to give you a smooth and youthful appearance while helping to repair the days damage. You can use this once or twice a week or as often as your skin needs!

Hydrating Overnight Face Mask

Use daily environmental protection. You can provide your skin with daily protection against the elements with our Protecting Skin Defend Duo. This includes our Protecting Skin Defend Mist which uses nature’s own defence mechanisms to protect you against the drying and ageing effects of environmental pollutants and stressors. Xanthan Gum forms an invisible shield while powerful antioxidants work their magic fighting free radicals. Our Protecting Skin Defend Face Cream can be used instead of or as well as our Protecting Skin Defend Mist for extra protection. It creates a barrier of protection for the skin against environmental stressors, helping to provide protection against the skin’s biggest enemy: the sun.


It’s not all about the face. In winter all skin becomes tighter and dry. It's very tempting to take long hot showers to warm yourself up but this can actually make the problem worse. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils making it more prone to tightness and flaking. Showering in warm water and using a moisture rich and cream like our Soothe & Repair Cream afterwards is great way of locking in that moisture.

Soothe & Repair Soap
 - by Katrina Smeaton, Marketing Assistant at The Herb Farm
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