Our Expertise

Unique Formulations

All our formulations have been created by our Founder and Herbalist, Lynn Kirkland and are unique to us. We don't sell or share our amazing formulas with any other companies.

Over 30 Years of Wisdom

When creating our beautiful formulations, Lynn draws on her over 30 years of knowledge and wisdom and combines this with the latest natural ingredients advances. Our products contain the best of traditional knowledge and modern advances.

Formulas that work

Lynn's first products were healing products that proved to be highly effective. On this strong therapeutic base she then developed natural skincare products which were designed to not only be beautiful to use but to deliver results for our customers.

Our Belief in Herbs and Nature

Herbs and their amazing properties are at the core of our business and our products. We believe that nature knows best and this is reflected in our highly effective products based on the healing properties of herbs.