Here at The Herb Farm we really wanted to create a sharing community where people can learn about the stories that our real customers have. Where our own customers can talk about the products that work for them. This way we can build a relationship of truth and trust. and women can know the real women who back our products.


The Women #justlikeyou...

Anna Peka

43 Years Old - Lasting Beauty Skincare Range

As a mother to three with a busy life Anna's skin wasn't a main focus: "I knew I was neglecting my skin and not caring for it like it needed". New to real estate, Anna admits that "having my photo plastered everywhere is a big thing to adapt to"... Watch Anna's video below where she discusses how a nourishing skincare routine has helped her feel more comfortable in her skin. 

Connie Bollen

27 Years Old - Oily & Combination Skincare Range

"As a teenager I had really bad acne and then really bad scarring which wouldn't go away"... On top of acne scars she has also been dealing with very sensitive skin. Connie works as a Policy Analyst but lately she's been analyzing the results from her skincare routine. Watch Connie's video below to see how she's dealt with these issue and improved her confidence.

Christina McNeill

61 Years Old - Normal (including Sensitive) Skincare Range

As a mother, grandmother and business owner, Christina’s a busy woman. Suffering from very sensitive skin, Christina says “I found it very difficult to find skincare products that I didn’t feel like I had an allergy to”.
Since finding The Herb Farm, her skincare routine now represents time for self-care and reflection rather than for stressed and irritated skin.
Watch Christina's video below to see how.

Anjana Mistry

46 Years Old - Oily & Combination Skincare Range

Breakouts are never hot and as a Hot Yoga teacher, Anjana wasn’t having it.  “I had really bad acne in my teens and twenties and then in my forties it was a bit of a disaster to suddenly have breakouts again” Since using our Oily & Combination Skincare Range her skin is fresh, clean and she’s full of confidence again.
Watch Anjana's video below to see became breakout free and regained her confidence.

Rumer Johnson

17 Years Old - Dry Skincare Range

Your teenage years are fraught with challenges and having self
confidence is a key part of tackling those challenges.
Rumer says “The problems I was having with my skin made me feel less confident in myself - especially in public places when I knew I wasn’t looking the way I could or wanted to.” 
Watch Rumer's video below to see how she’s gained a newfound confidence.

Katie Thompson

23 Years Old - Lasting Beauty Skincare Range

Meet Katie, suffering from eczema, skin allergies and sensitive skin she was looking everywhere for skincare products that suited her skin.
“I felt like I was spending a lot of time seeing specialists and a lot of money trying different products.”
Watch Katie’s video and see how she’s now getting compliments on her skin.

Janey Jensen

62 Years Old - Normal (including Sensitive) Skincare Range

Janey used to shop her skincare products from mainstream outlets but could never find anything that would calm the redness and irritation she suffered.
“It always seemed the more expensive a product, the more my skin would react negatively”.
Using The Herb Farm products has helped her understand her skin. She realises now ”that skincare is skin food”.

Rachel Nath

28 Years Old - Lasting Beauty Skincare Range

Rachel spent weeks searching for natural skincare that would help her retain her youthful skin but kept finding products that were either exorbitantly priced or full of synthetic ingredients
and chemicals.
“I spent weeks and weeks trying to find the right product for my skin...”
“I’m feeling really good about my skin now and people still ask me if I’m 18 which I think is a pretty good sign”.

Fiona Donald

45 Years Old - Lasting Beauty Skincare Range

As a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Fiona has a very active lifestyle. Playing sports and regularly exercising means extra showers
and cleansing which can also mean more breakouts.

“I always felt that the products that said they were for ‘problem skin’ would strip my skin”

“Now my skin is much calmer, I don’t get the dryness that I was getting before and much less breakouts” 

Angela van Wijk

31 Years Old - Oily & Combination Skincare Range

Angela was struggling to find the balance in her skincare, finding that products would strip her skin and create angry, dry patches while also triggering more breakouts.

“It really affected me mentally when my skin was a mess. I felt self conscious and I just wasn’t myself.”

“I look forward to my skincare routine now, it’s like a little treat to myself when I use The Herb Farm products”

Rachelle Amey

33 Years Old - Oily & Combination Skincare Range

Rachelle found that her skin really suffered from environmental stressors such as the wind and air conditioning and heating systems.

“It made me feel really frustrated. I didn’t like walking out the door looking dry and dull. I lacked that bit of confidence”

Now people are noticing that Rachelle’s skin is glowing and the days of dry flaky skin that her makeup would stick to are firmly in the past.

Thank you to all those involved.