Finding the Balance For Oily Skin

Finding the Balance For Oily Skin

Our face is the first thing that people see so it’s important to make sure we understand it. Oily skin is something that people struggle with, but did you know that having oily skin is an asset?! You just need to understand it! Because you have oily skin, your face is likely to stay ‘younger-looking’ because it will be more supple and soft as it ages!

Balance your oily skin

We’ve made a helpful list below if you’re not sure of your skin type (for a more answers about your skin type and the products you should be using take our online skincare consultation).

Common signs of Oily or Combination skin:

  • Your face is shiny only an hour or two after cleansing, and usually appears oily by midday.
  • Your makeup seems to "slide," or disappear right off your face.
  • The oilier areas of your face may have blackheads, white bumps, or acne.
  • The pores are visibly enlarged, especially on your nose, chin, and forehead.

(Combination skin is where you have ‘oily’ areas, commonly your nose, chin and forehead, the rest of your skin is usually normal)

The key to managing oily skin is to get the right balance. But what is the best approach?

“Do I go ‘oil-free’ since my skin is oily?”

“Can I use a face oil or is that out of the question?”

Looking for those ‘oil free’ or alcohol-based toners that promise to leave your skin shine-free is a mistake that is made often.  It sounds like a reasonable solution in theory, but these products are keeping your face oily! By stripping or unbalancing the natural oils in your skin you force your skin to overcompensate by producing (you guessed it…) more oil!

And yes! You can use a face oil! Certain plant oils are rich in vitamins for healthy clear skin such as Hemp Seed Oil which is a key ingredient in our Transforming Bakuchiol Face Oil. You can use this beautiful oil at night (3 times a week, increasing to nightly) and your skin will feel amazingly soft in the morning – without upsetting the natural oil balance of the skin.

 So, here’s the breakdown:

DO use natural oils on your face

DON’T strip your skin of it’s natural oils with harsh ‘oil-free’ and alcohol based products.

And, to make things easier for you,

We have created a Specific Skincare System For Oily and Combination Skin.

Our product range for this skin type was developed by our Founder and Herbalist, Lynn Kirkland, with powerful natural ingredients which help to balance the skin leaving it less oily but still soft and nourished.



By Sarah Cowan (Managing Director, The Herb Farm)

December 2015

Sarah Cowan



Shop our range of oil and combination skincare products and find balance by embracing your skin type.

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