Choose Your Mood

Choose Your Mood

Our Mood Mists are here! We’ve always known the benefits of aromatherapy so we’ve lovingly created three beautiful scents to improve your mood and well-being. Whether you need calm, energy or love our mood mists are for you.


You’re running late, there are school lunches to be made. TV blaring, kids are screaming – what is it this time? Why are they still in their pyjamas.. is that a library book? where’s their father..? I can’t hear myself THINK-



-the noise is fading… everything becomes small… manageable. Your mind quietens and the spinning room begins to settle. A slow pleasant heaviness drifts over you, falling languidly over your body and finally reaching your toes.  You are calm.

Calm Mood Mist


You should never have stayed up so late – who’s idea was it to.. well, too late now. You’re head feels like it’s about to roll off your shoulders.. Has your computer screen’s glare always been so fierce and inescapable? The clock ticks loudly and your project deadline hurtles toward you. …Thoughts are blunted, impotent. You keep searching for an idea but all your brain is offering are different shades of cotton wool. You need to snap out of it right-



- thoughts begin to sharpen… a light breaks through the fog and a fresh breeze wisps its way into your lungs. The thick cotton wool becomes light and is blowing away, your oxygen deprived brain is rebooting. An urgent burst of inspiration simmers purposefully through your veins. You suddenly find yourself on the brink of brilliance, obstacles have given way to possibilities. Everything is within your grasp. You are energized.

Energise Mood Mist


Here you are, the days counted down for. You’ve taken the leap, you’re on a new frontier but excitement has fizzled into loneliness. Everything is foreign, colours are too bright and dreams: too vivid. You’re enjoying yourself – you really are, but you yearn for familiarity. Anything at all to remind you of home-



-doubt fades… the world draws back and begins to shrink. The precipice melts away and the vastness of everything becomes controllable. A slow warmth begins to radiate inward, beginning in your fingers and trickling unhurriedly inwards… towards your chest. A comforting presence wraps around you and stills your thoughts and you smile. You are loved.

Love Mood Mist

Why Choose a Mood Mist?

Our mood mists are made with 100% pure essential oils which work in synergy to create an aromatherapy experience to support your mood while inspiring feelings of calm, confidence or love. Not only will you experience mood support but skin support: herbal extracts will enhance your skin’s health while you enjoy your mood up-lifting experience.

What is Aromotherapy?

Aromatherapy means the use of scents and smells to promote emotional and physcial wellbeing. It has a long history, dating back to Ancient China, India and Egypt where they used to incorporate aromatic plant components into balms, resins and oils. They were known to have both psychological and physical benefits.

Browse our Mood Mists and choose your Mood here.


- by Katrina Smeaton, Marketing Assistant at The Herb Farm

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